Wednesday, September 21, 2011


driving down back roads
following under the arms of yearning pines
I did not know
I would leave you

turning you laughed
calling out her name
so much we were alike now

you said it was just as well
with our blood beneath these stones
that roads still led here

and despite of all my longing
now I’ve had to leave you
even though
using music and rare magic
you once took me home

Contemptuous youth

Contemptuous youth gives way
and childlike ardor
Is Replaced by cool reality

our imagined defects
consumed by creeping frailty

persistent distant memory
Small but potent
Resists every effort
To scrub clean the past and
Make now the present

Within these cathedral walls
A phalanx of shades pass through
Ever murmuring
Witnesses to my poverty
Elusive and hollow
Just out of reach
Leaving me ever unfilled
And longing

pen prick

I am desperate to pin prick this skin
That holds us back
To let glimmer through
Like diamonds
This great wonder-full


Forgive me my intrusions
My excursions into your better life
My failures to satisfy
Your dreams
Your desires

Forgive me
My lacking
My brutal being
And barbarian ways

I am the dog that you lie down with
The sins you rise up with
You cannot wash clean

You want
But cannot bear me

All those strings attached
That tie you to an-other
Make sure that you
Cannot own me
That you Cannot hold me

while I glide wireless
on a slipstream